Organization and Group Wellness Coaching

As a former teacher, I geek out on supporting groups to become aligned so they can realize their potential, individually and as a team! For far too long we’ve been burning candles at both ends and expecting higher productivity with each technological advancement. But without balance, psychological safety, and healthy brain states (the opposite of stress and anxiety), we won’t have access to creativity, innovation, and healthy team interaction.

Let me educate your teams on mindfulness, stress management, positive psychology, and healthy physical and mental hygiene habits. We can do workshops, seminar series, and retreats! Now is the time for leaders to invest in the wellness of their team–a satisfied positive team accomplishes 30% more than a neutral or negative team! Let’s see what we can create together, schedule your complimentary Discovery Session now.

“Jen facilitated a breathing workshop for our team of managers. Her presentation was clear, informative, and offered us a wonderful tool for when our busy days may interfere with being intentional. Jen’s energy is caring, compassionate, and fully in service of others.” “

Holly Ohtonen

Club Manager  |  Liberty Athletic Club