Young Adult Transformational Coaching

As a former secondary educator for 15 years, I am passionately invested in supporting young adults realize their empowerment and their path! With the isolation from COVID and the challenges that social media and technology put on our young ones’ nervous systems, it’s no wonder that anxiety, depression, and lack of self-worth have skyrocketed in the last decade.

I am honored to be able to educate young minds about how their psychology affects their behavior and what they can do about. Empowering young ones to take control and be responsible for their lives is the best gift I have to offer this planet. I work with kids who are middle school aged through their 20s, individually or in small groups when applicable. Schedule a complementary Discovery Session and let’s discuss.

“Working with Jen helped him to see his thought patterns objectively and work through where he felt stuck. He’s understanding the value in setting goals and holding himself accountable, and his comment probably says it better than I ever could: “I wish I’d worked with Jen way before now!” Anyone who can get a teenage boy to do the self-reflection he’s done is a magician as far as I’m concerned—Jen has that magic.”

Liza Baker